Following the sudden loss of my beloved Dad, it was grief - strange and unexpected, that gave me the jolt I needed to propel my dream of working with fine flowers into reality.

Chadwick Floral Atelier, was launched in Autumn 2020, with the voice of my dad in my ear, pushing me forward...


Chadwick, was the surname of my adored maternal grandparents, Vera & John, along with being my darling Mum's maiden-name. 


As a little girl, I used to gaze at the ginormous peonies that they grew in their garden, marvelling at their transient beauty. My Grandad and his Dad before him, were esteemed growers of  peonies and dahlias; both of which have been my favourite flowers for as long as I remember. 


The Atelier is my workshop. It is actually my garage, but it sounds infinitely better in French than it does in English!  It is the space I currently inhabit when creating my designs and reflects my love of all things French!

I take pride in hand-selecting each bloom and designing something striking and unique and delightful.

And I am Kimberley


 ...it's lovely to meet you

'Oh my! The flowers are STUNNING!!! Thank you so, so much, I have never had such stunning flowers. So special'


Lisa Stoker